Greenwich Locksmiths offers RFID / key fob duplication services on site in our West Village store. Whether you need an extra fob for the dog walker or a spare for yourself we can make as many fobs as you need while you wait. We copy HID and Keri fobs as well as many others. 

 Greenwich Locksmiths clones a large assortment of RFID key fobs

We support many other formats in addition to those pictured above. If you are unsure bring your fob in! We will check it for free. 

Get your keys made while you wait at our store - 56 7th Avenue South between Morton and Commerce StreetsGetting keys made that work here in New York City is not always simple. Hardware stores that have a key machine are not locksmiths, and most of the time the keys they make don't work. We understand the individual processes associated with duplicating the various manufacturers of keys in New York City. Our shop has nine different well-maintained machines for duplicating a large variety of keys from not just New York but around the world. Our keys are guaranteed to work so you never have anything to worry about. 

The most common reason for calling us is changing your locks - fitting new keys to your lock so the old ones no longer work. We proudly charge a $125 flat rate to change any lock. No matter what kind of deadbolt, door knob of any kind, Medeco, Mul-T Lock etc. we will re-key it for $125. This may sound higher than the $25 and below service call our competitors claim to charge, but once you are done with the hidden fees and items it will come out to as much as if not more than $125. Think about it - how can anyone possibly stay in business charging $25 for a licensed locksmith to drive to you in a company vehicle and provide you with quality lock or cylinder hardware? 

With the key code on the front of the lock, we can make you a new set of keys even when you don't have them. Some are harder to read than others - this one for example is W469If you lost the keys to your filing cabinet or need to secure a filing cabinet that does not lock at the moment, we can help.

The most common (and affordable) way to make keys for your filing cabinet is by giving us the code off the front of the lock (where you put the key into.) This saves the cost of a technician coming to your location to make keys. You can call the key code numbers into our shop and pick them up - usually within the hour.

This illustration shows the multiple levels of a commercial grade master key system

In a master key system, each lock has its own key that opens only that particular door. There also exists a "master key" that opens all the locks in the system. As you can see above there can be multiple levels of master keys depending on your needs. Master key systems are usually found in commercial environments, but can be applied in a residential situation as well. They are appropriate in any situation where you want to grant access to some doors and restrict access to others. 

Philip Mortillaro alongside a vault he just openedGreenwich Locksmiths owner Philip Mortillaro is a safe expert. If you need your safe or vault opened, repaired or upgraded, he can help you. Greenwich Locksmiths is also a Gardall dealer, so you can buy any safe you see on the Gardall website through us.

   Philip Mortillaro of Greenwich Locksmiths opening a vault  Philip Mortillaro of Greenwich Locksmiths with a vault he opened  

Greenwich Locksmiths makes keys for all kinds of antique locks Skeleton keys made for an antique lock by Greenwich Locksmiths

Greenwich Locksmiths services all kinds of antique locks. Did you buy a piece of antique furniture that didn't come with a key? Do you want to fit keys for those old-style interior door locks in your pre-war apartment? Or perhaps you have keys for your antique lock, but it is broken? We are collectors of antique locks and enthusiasts as well, so your project is approached with the same passion as if we were doing it for ourselves.

Don't let our old-school appearance fool you - our staff here at Greenwich Locksmiths are electronic security experts! We were one of the first shops to start doing alarm and CCTV systems in the 80's and have kept up with the technology ever since.